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Photography Credit: Kiely Ramos Photography

Design lovers, I'm excited to share with you Part 2 of The Williams Project's grand reveal. I'm so pleased and proud of the end results, and most importantly, the wonderful Williams family is happy and comfortable in their elevated new kitchen, living area, and dining room.

This family of five loves to host friends and relatives, of which they have many. Looking beyond current social limitations, I set to work designing modern spaces that accommodate big gatherings while maintaining a day-to-day casual and comfortable vibe. Husband and father Nigel Williams is a talented musician and his wife, Kelly, and kids share his love of entertaining a crowd.

On that "musical note", drumroll, please!



In Part 1, the dining room transformation, I explained the vision behind it was inspired by their love of hosting family dinner parties. That means the kitchen would have to hold up its end of the bargain! Large gatherings are of course on hold these days, but just feeding their immediate family of five requires an intelligently designed kitchen that maximizes space and flow. And we definitely achieved that.

This before photo of the kitchen renovation shows the beginning stages, with the original cabinetry, backsplash and counters removed. You can also see the existing kitchen table was getting cramped for two adults and their growing kids.


From the kitchen, the family room connects openly. The comfy couch was more function than form-- perfect for a young family but with the Williams kids getting older, the furnishings and room itself were now ready to mature along with them.

Being a family room, of course, I wouldn't have dreamed of removing the beautiful photos of the children completely, but the focal wall had so much potential. More on that shortly, but let's take a look at my vision boards, next.



Sophisticated yet welcoming was the design goal when I created my inspo boards. And what better way to keep it down-to-earth with some fresh, earthy green for a pop of colour and class. The leather stools and artwork also played to that theme.

I wanted the kitchen and family rooms to be classically modern for the young family to thrive and grow in. I collaborated well with Nigel and Kelly, who share a similar design aesthetic and graciously granted me carte blanche. You may recall the story of the rug (if not, be sure to check out Part 1!) which speaks to their easygoing nature.



From inspiration board to real-life, you'll see the vision transferred flawlessly from conception to reality. Every time I look at the pair of pendant lights, my eyes admiringly linger. They were well worth my search for unique and captivating lighting to uplift the space, while the sleek new island served as an anchor.

Photography Credit: Kiely Ramos Photography

The transition line from the kitchen to the family room separates the two yet allows for a seamless flow.

Photography Credit: Kiely Ramos Photography

And here's my favourite story about the family room renovation -- what a difference wall hangings make! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I mentioned the surprising way you can create your own, personalized artwork.

Photography Credit: Kiely Ramos Photography

As you can see from the before, the adorable photos of the kids had become outdated and the frames could have used a slight refresh. These might look like professional portraits, but these were taken -- wait for it-- by their mom Kelly, using her iPhone. I simpl made some digital edits and blew them up for printing and framing. Smiles like those need to be showcased and the formerly underused wall now sets the perfect stage.

Everywhere you look in this room, there is something nice to admire, like that gorgeous coffee table, which pulls in the natural elements I described in the kitchen reno. Despite having these pleasing vantage points, the room remains understated and welcoming.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 & 2 of the Williams residence renovation as much as I had working with them.

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