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Designing your Home Story

Our interior design approach, spanning from conceptualization to execution, is anchored in a profound comprehension of our clients' distinctive lifestyles and aspirations. This holistic methodology empowers us to skillfully craft spaces that harmoniously fuse functionality with personal style, resulting in homes that exude both warmth and inspiration.


Full Service Interior Design

We specialize in large-scale home renovations, crafting expansive, modern spaces that uniquely tell your story. Our dedicated team seamlessly collaborates to bring your vision to life, integrating cutting-edge design with functionality.


An exclusive luxury service for those seeking a personalized touch without our full-service design. Spend 6 hours collaborating with Amanda in your home to swiftly design, shop, or style your space.


Full Service Interior Design

The Process

In our commitment to simplifying the renovation or remodeling process for our clients, regardless of project size, we present a clear design process that mirrors our design aesthetic—clean, flowing, and functional. From initial consultation through collaborative efforts to project completion, the Amanda Shields Interiors team maintains open communication with you while adeptly managing the myriad elements involved in creating your beautiful new family home.

The Process


Consultation  $550

The initial meeting will occur in your home to discuss your needs, desires, wish list, and budget, aiming to establish a vision for your residence. This two-hour session provides an opportunity for us to become acquainted and determine how we will transform your rooms into a seamlessly beautiful and functional home.


Concept and Detailed Design

We kick off the design phase, diving into the creative process where our team gathers all those exciting design ideas we've been brewing. As construction is often a component, we meet with trades and contractors to validate the possibilities on your wish list. Subsequently, we source furnishings, finishes, and fixtures while concurrently developing the design plans, which you will have the opportunity to review in the next stage.




It's ordering time! After you've given the green light to your design, we swing into action by reaching out to our suppliers and meticulously tracking timelines for smooth deliveries. In tandem with our contractor, we take charge of ensuring the flawless execution of the Design Plans. Consider this a stress-free zone for you, as we handle all the details and project manage the design and build process from start to finish.


Styling & Installation

Cheers to your beautifully transformed space! With everything installed and meticulously inspected, we add the finishing touches—carefully chosen artwork, accessories, and all the little details. We'd appreciate a day to capture stunning photographs of your new home for our design portfolio.


Design Proposal and Approval

With a finalized preliminary design plan that outlines the scope of work and budget, the next step is to create a legally binding Letter of Agreement tailored to your project. Upon the mutual signing of this document and the receipt of a retainer, we will commence the Planning Phase of your project.


Once the design plan is finalized, we will present the reimagined rooms and the overall space, bringing it to life with detailed drawings, fabric swatches, and finish samples. Depending on the project's scale, phased presentations may be required. If any revisions or tweaks are requested, we'll meticulously fine-tune them by exploring alternatives, ensuring you end up with the perfect design plan that resonates with your preferences.



Introducing Amanda Shields Interiors' Designer-for-a-Day, an exclusive luxury service tailored for those desiring a personalized touch without opting for our full-service design. Spend 6 hours collaborating with us in your home to swiftly design, shop, or style your space.


Here are just some examples of what we can accomplish:


- Create room layouts and source key furnishings online.

- Design kitchen layouts and provide finish recommendations.

- Craft custom built-ins.

- Assist with personal shopping and styling.


Our Designer-for-a-Day package includes:


6-hour in-home design session.
Follow-up report with resource links.
Drawings or sketches created during the session.
Coffee and gourmet charcuterie lunch (working lunch).
Local travel with 30km of Newmarket (additional fees apply for additional travel).
Shared Pinterest board.
Complimentary 30-minute follow-up call within 30 days.



Experience luxury design at its finest with Amanda Shields Interiors' Designer-for-a-Day.

Contact us now to schedule your personalized session.


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