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Updated: Oct 15, 2022

As an interior designer specializing in functional homes for families, Amanda Shields blends on-trend pieces with timeless elements. If you are ready to swap out your current kitchen design elements for something totally fresh, the Newmarket-based designer shares her insider observations on interior design trends in 2022.

What is the difference between popular and trending? Popular is what is current, and often headed to be classic, in interior design. Trending on the other hand, is more of a forecast of what is to come. Here, I show kitchen design features that are popular and likely here to stay for a while. However, if you have the budget and inclination, I give you trend-setting options that will definitely make a statement in your 2022 kitchen design. Bottom line, as always, my advice is to go with whatever makes you feel happy.


POPULAR: Waterfall Islands

The waterfall island trend emerged about four years ago, and after a clip I posted on my TikTok account on kitchen design trends in 2022, I opened a waterfall island floodgate from homeowners and design enthusiasts who said theirs aren't going anywhere!

Waterfall islands, named after the cascading appearance from the horizontal to vertical, add a sleek and minimalist look to a kitchen. Mother Nature designs currents near waterfalls and it seems like waterfall islands remain current as well!

Source: Pinterest

TRENDING: Statement Islands

If you're ready to swap out your waterfall island, go upstream with the elevated look of a statement island. As you can see from the accompanying image, these sturdy, thickly-topped kitchen islands, adorned with fluting or decoration, are a dramatic shift away from current minimalist islands.

Source: Pinterest

You don't necessarily need a huge kitchen to have a statement island, as this style can be scaled down to custom size, but generally speaking, a statement island works better in a large space so it actually can make a statement, rather than overpower.


POPULAR: Shiplap

In interior design, shiplap could easily be considered less of a trend and more of a movement. Renowned interior designers Chip & Joanna built their empire on their signature shiplap aesthetic, using it on walls in every kind of room.

If you're bored of these wooden boards, there is good news for you! Although I'm about to reveal a new kitchen design trend for 2022, it will be retro to some and refreshing to others...

TRENDING: Wallpaper in the kitchen

Wallpaper! We are seeing this interior decor staple emerge from its decades of wallflower status to take centre stage once more. Although adorning living room statement walls, bedrooms and hallways, for a few years, wallpaper in the kitchen hasn't been as popular in its resurgence, until now.

If you're ready to make your kitchen walls pop with personality this year, it's time to get plastered! Even if its bold look is not for everyone, we are witnessing wallpaper as a kitchen design trend in 2022 and beyond.

POPULAR: All White Kitchen

There is a reason the all white kitchen is ubiquitous-- you want your food prep and eating area fresh and clean and all white definitely gives a room that appearance.

The all white kitchen is favoured by developers and new construction builders due to its universal appeal. If you're ready to elevate your kitchen design in 2022, it's time to say farewell to the white-on-white walls, cupboards, and appliances.

For resale value, it's to your advantage to have all white.

TRENDING: Dark & Moody

If you interior desire is to give your kitchen a custom look boasting that designer touch, replace that white and bright with dark and moody. A palette I especially love is using dark green or wood, or better yet, both!

It's pretty evident that this kitchen (pictured above) is a far cry from a builder's standard white kitchen. Instead, it shows an interior designer's flourish mixed with the client's personal flair. Replacing white cabinetry with darker shades (lately we've been painting custom cabinetry in Benjamin Moore's Wrought Iron or Van Courtland Blue with gorgeous results) is one of my personal favourite kitchen design trends of 2022.

POPULAR: Mosaic Tile

The texture of mosaic tile adds richness and visual interest to kitchen spaces. Commonly used as a backsplash or extended wall covering, these small tiles have been appearing on kitchen islands and even tabletops.

If your 2022 style is tired of mosaic tile, read on!

Source: Pinterest

TRENDING: Natural Stone or Large Scale Tile

Large slabs of stone are found on elevated kitchen countertops but the interior design zeitgeist collectively senses the movement for natural stone, and custom tile manufacturers have delivered.

Source: Studio McGee

Kitchen design trends in 2022 include large expanses of natural stone to walls and backsplashes for a seamless and sophisticated look. A less costly option is going for large scale tile which achieves the same effect.


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