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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Yes, it's finally here, design lovers! The Ivsbridge Project’s Great Room Reveal - Part 1.

Before we get to our latest great room reveal, I'll reveal a little secret. I hope my amazing contracting team (yes, I'm talking about you, Hartley Built) don't mind me divulging it!

Firstly, I firmly believe a complete kitchen renovation is is fantastically life-changing and well-worth the investment.

Not all of us, however, wish to endure a major kitchen renovation. There's the expense, demolition, moving parts of trades, and even moving residences during the process.

My secret solution? Don't renovate, refresh! Here, in the first instalment of Project Ivsbridge's great reveal, you'll see how our kitchen refresh transformed a long-loved family kitchen into a sleek and modern kitchen without the headaches or hefty price tag of a full reno.

Let's take a look, shall we?







Looking at the before and after photos, it might seem like this was a kitchen renovation, but upon closer inspection you'll notice the foot print, appliances, and flooring, remain the same, which are effective time and cost savers.

Here are some of the kitchen refresh ideas we implemented:

1) Counters & Backsplash

These gorgeous white counters immediately modernized the kitchen. The tiered countertop was replaced by a levelled and expanded one, creating a seamless and open look. Masculine, stylish bar stools pulled it all together. The stunning yet subtle hexagonal backsplash is easy to care for 'marbleized' glass.

2) Cabinetry

Instead of removing all the old cabinetry and replacing it with new millwork, we updated the fronts only. The dated Shaker cabinets look brand new thanks to Benjamin Moore's Simply White on the uppers and the modern Shaker style, which features a thinner 1 1/2 inch rail.

3) Lighting & Hardware

The dramatic dome-shaped lamps and the beautiful white pendant light are both show-stoppers without taking away from other design elements. Contemporary brushed gold hardware made a world of difference to this refresh, bringing forth a modern, luxurious impression. We kept the kitchen table and bench seating, but changed the lighting to achieve balance and ensure it was centred, making the whole area seem new.

4) Window Treatments & Artwork

It might look like the window underwent an actual renovation, but it's all smoke and mirrors-- well ok, paned glass! We said bye-bye to the California shutters and introduced a contemporary Roman blind with a pleasing, modern pattern. In between the windows, I framed some elegant yet whimsical art prints for the empty spaces.

5) Bar Alcove

The final photo, below, is a dramatic contrast to the before image. Fluted glass, one of my favourite design trends this year, is featured in the upper bar cabinetry. All of the millwork is painted in Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. The brushed gold hardware makes a starring appearance here, too. This charmingly cool bar area went from an extra storage area to a precious, hidden gem.

Speaking of living area, The Ivsbridge Project's second part of the Great Room Reveal, the living room, will be coming up on the blog next!

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