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Design lovers, I've rounded-up for you the best design trends of 2021, many of which I plan to incorporate into my own residence. From woody to moody, light stone to earthy tones, 2021 is a promising year for fresh design.

While we can't gaze into a crystal ball to predict what the new year would look like (if we did, 2020 might not have been such a shock!) we can take comfort and have confidence in knowing what's to come in the design world, and dream and plan accordingly.

We had more inside views, literally, as a collective in 2020, but part of my work is staying two steps ahead of design trends, and here I share my insider knowledge with you. (If you'd like to be among the first in the know, you may sign up for my blog.)

Here are design trends to look forward to in 2021.....




Fluting is the name given to the flute-like indentations pictured here. From shallow to deeper grooves, you'll be seeing fluting featured in furniture, millwork, kitchen islands and bathroom vanities. This is a trend I'm excited about incorporating in my own home this year and is a solid way to update your cabinetry and wall surfaces.



Organic Tile

We'll be seeing lots of natural elements in 2021 interior design, organic tile being among them. Naturally-occurring stone markings also give it the name 'irregular' tile. Although it can get pricy, there are some affordable organic tile options available. Keep an eye out for handmade with a global influence-vibe, more on that trend shortly.

Designer: Becki Owens



Earthy Tones

2021 trend forecasts show earthy tones play starring roles in this year's colour palettes. Earthy, warm hues provide the comfort and coziness we've been seeking during restless and uncertain times. Colours and materials that bring the outdoors inside will be featured in stylish homes this year. You don't have to blow your design budget on new furniture or paint to be on trend; even a few accents pieces of wood, moss green and earthy browns like pictured below, will do the trick.



Global Influences

We haven't been able to travel anywhere exotic, so the new global-inspired design trend brings the world into our homes. Drawing on influences from Asia, Africa, and South America, indigenous woods, rugs, rattans and prints will reflect our longings and appreciation for travel. Support communities where you can; my wholesalers in Canada only provide ethically-sourced and sustainable designs from around the world. I also like to think that global decor serves as a reminder that we're a global collective during these solitary times.

Designer: Amber Interiors



Multifunctional Spaces

Once again, we see the challenges of 2020 being reflected in, and resolved by, design trends of 2021. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, our living rooms were makeshift home offices, our dining room tables became desks, kitchen counters were virtual classrooms and so forth. In 2021, there will be a focus on smart, multi-functional design as well as storage and organization, allowing your space to be business by day and relaxation by night.

Designer: Studio Seiders



Natural Wood Finishes

Could it really be? The all-white kitchen is making its way out? Lighter woods that have a matte, not gloss, finish, will be moving into many homes this year. Millwork with wood finish, rather than the ubiquitous white paint, is a raw yet sophisticated design trend for 2021 and beyond.

Designer: Studio McGee



Statement Piece

Similar to globally-inspired design, since we can't visit museums and art galleries like before, we are bringing visually-pleasing statement pieces into our residences. One statement piece, whether it's a painting, sculpture or furniture show piece, is something to include in your home refresh or renovation budget this year, and is an investment for years to come.

Designer: Arent & Pyke



Moody Rooms

A dramatic alternative to the earthy palette, or as a solitary statement in one room, moody hues are going to grace the walls of forward-thinking design lovers. The moodiness of darker colours (like the grey-black pictured in this recent refresh for a client) could capture the current zeitgeist or be a reaction against it by bringing in something radically new. Well, new for this century-- the Victorian age loved their moody rooms, and they were such an important element of design that we now come to associate the moody room with that revolutionary era.


I hope this wide-ranging list of design trends to watch for in 2021 provides you with inspiration for the year ahead. If you're ready to start the new year with new interiors, I'm here to help you.

As always, I offer a free 20 minute consultation and am equipped to do Zoom consultations. Let's chat! All my best for a healthy and stylish 2021.


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