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Interior design expert and mother of two Amanda Shields answers her most frequently asked questions about family home renovations and addresses common concerns parents have about the process.

Lists. Most of us mothers with small kids have lists coming out of our ringing ears!

To make your hectic lives easier, I’ve listed and answered the most common home renovation questions parents ask me when seeking interior design S.O.S.



“Who should I contact to discuss the initial design plans? Contractor? Architect? Designer? HELP!”

It can feel overwhelming to figure out who to approach first to get the ball rolling. Especially when you’re so busy with family and work. Short answer: begin with an interior designer. Find one who will sit down and strategize with you about your current and long-term interior design goals. My GTA interior design business focuses on creating functional and beautiful spaces for families. Once I’ve met with a client and we’ve perfected the design plan, the rest is in my team’s hands. We act as project managers and liaise with the other parties, from architect to contractor to supplier, so you can rest easy and worry-free. I work with a top custom home construction team where communication and quality work are key factors for delivering on time and budget.



"How old should my kids be before we consider a family home renovation or remodel?"

Old enough to use a saw and hammer! Just kidding. Real answer: any age is ideal. If you have the budget, dream and desire, the time is now, whether your kids are in diapers or packing their own lunches. Based on professional experience, coupled with anecdotal observation, lots of families wait for the kids to get older and once they finally renovate, I’m told, “We wish we’d done this sooner!” A home remodel or renovation might put you out temporarily, but in the long run it will improve all aspects of your family’s well-being. Why delay?



"A functional home sounds great, but how can I know what my family’s future needs will be?”

Gaze into my crystal ball… Seriously though, predicting what your growing children’s future spaces should look like is hard without a trained expert. This is why it’s best to start with an interior designer. (Bonus if the designer is also a parent!) We provide innovative and workable solutions to create space in your home, from functional storage to building an addition. Your home renovation is an investment for years to come, that you can enjoy every single day while increasing your property value.



“I’m busy enough already, how can I even contemplate a family home renovation or remodel?”

Among the advantages of hiring an interior design expert is that we project manage everything. I keep my clients in the loop while shielding them from the day-to-day challenges and stresses a remodel or reno often entails. It’s our job to do all the dirty work (literally when it comes to dusty construction sites). My team is committed to making the process easy and exciting for our clients, which our 6-step design process is based upon.



“We hear renos always go over time and budget. How can we make sure that ours doesn’t?”

By enlisting an interior design expert with reputable industry contacts, the project is far more likely to stick to schedule. The pandemic has slowed down delivery times and driven up the costs of certain materials. Design professionals have a better sense of estimates, plus our supplier connections give us wholesale pricing and generally quicker turnarounds. There is never a guarantee that everything will be delivered on time and budget, but an interior design expert’s resourcefulness is a safer bet than attempting to manage it all on your own.


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