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Photography @mike_chajecki

As the sun starts to linger a bit longer and the trees get their leaves back, our bedrooms are begging for a little springtime TLC. So let's talk about fluffing up our nests with some simple swaps and nifty tricks to make our bedrooms feel like that first perfect patio brunch in May.


Peel Back the Layers: A Bedroom Reawakening for Spring

Bask in the Breeziness of Linen:

Roll out the linen and let your bed do a little happy dance. This fabric isn’t just for keeping cool; it’s for keeping it real—real cozy, real chic, and real 'I-woke-up-like-this.' Linen is like the best friend you can count on to see you through the night sweats and the sweet dreams. Opt for a duvet cover in a white-washed hue, and watch as your bed transforms into a cloud made for daydreams.

Waffle Weave Wonders:

Think of a waffle weave blanket as the ultimate bed accessory. It’s not just about the sweet contrast to your linen; it’s about the "oohs" and "aahs" it'll coax from you every time you brush against its cozy grid. It's the Sunday morning of textures—casual, comforting, and oh-so-inviting.

Pillows: The More the Merrier:

This is where the fun happens. Pillows should be a collection of your greatest hits in fabric form. Throw a striped one next to a floral print and watch them get along like the best of pals at a spring picnic. We’re talking a color and pattern jam session right on your bed. It's your own personal concert of comfort.

Clear Out to Calm Down:

A cluttered space is like a static channel on the radio—let’s tune into clarity instead. Keep the nightstand simple: a lamp that casts the perfect reading light, a book that feeds your soul, and a carafe that keeps hydration looking as good as it feels. Everything you choose to keep close should be a reflection of your springtime revival.

Textiles to Touch Your Soul:

Spring’s all about hitting that refresh button, and your textiles are no exception. Think linen that lays effortlessly cool, cotton that’s crisp as a morning in Malibu, silk that slides like the breeze through open windows, and a touch of light wool for when the sun dips down. These fabrics should feel good against your skin and even better when you’re kicking back with a cold brew in bed. They’re simple, they’re classic, they’re the backdrop for some solid R&R.

My Secret to Spring Scents

Let me let you in on a little secret for making your bedroom feel like a springtime retreat: it's all about the scent. My go-to? Brooklyn Candle Studio. When I light their 'Santorini' candle, it's like an instant vacation to those sun-drenched Greek isles, with airy notes of fig and sandalwood that just open up the whole room. And for those mornings when I want to ease into my day, their 'Sunday Morning' diffuser is perfection. It fills the room with a gentle blend of pear, bergamot, and thyme that makes every Sunday morning—or any morning—feel special. Just a little insider tip to make your bedroom smell as good as it looks.



Get the look

We've rounded up our favourite dupes from Amazon to recreate this fresh bedroom look

Photography @mike_chajecki

Do you remember our Toronto Beaches Remodel, a.k.a the Kingswood Project? Let's take a peek into the primary bedroom, now a perfect spring sanctuary. I’ll guide you through the aesthetic details and share links to similar dupes on Amazon, so you can bring a bit of this effortless style into your own space. Let’s make your home feel just as curated and inviting. Ready to shop the look and infuse your home with some inspired decor? Let’s dive in!

The Snuggle Is Real:

Capture the Kingswood cool with a linen duvet cover that exudes "effortless" just as much as your favorite pair of vintage jeans. Add a waffle blanket at the foot of the bed because, remember, layering is essential—not just in fashion but in bedding too.

Pillow Talk: Think of pillows as the avocados of your bed – indispensable and just perfect. Combine textures and patterns for that "I just threw this together" look, which, let's be honest, took plenty of careful scrolling to perfect.

Walls that Wow:

Choose graphic art that declares, “I have arrived.” Opt for pieces that could tell a story if they wished, but choose to keep it cool instead.

Headboard Drama:

Introduce bouclé, a texture you didn’t realize was missing from your life. A headboard with leather strapping? Absolutely. It’s like the perfect accessory for an already eye-catching outfit, and Amazon offers budget-friendly alternatives that still deliver on style.

Rug Renaissance:

Anchor your space with a rug that tells its own tales. Think distressed and vintage—much like the best denim jacket you’ve ever owned.

Curtains that Care:

Complete the look with curtains that play with the light, offering a gentle "privacy, please" while still welcoming that golden hour glow. We absolutely love these semi custom linen options available in any colour you can imagine from Two Pages on Amazon.


And there you have it—a spring bedroom that’s as refreshing as a daisy and twice as stylish. It’s all about creating a space that’s as enjoyable to be in as it looks, a haven ready for every coffee-in-bed Saturday morning or lazy Sunday reading. Go ahead and revitalize your space, my friends. Your bedroom oasis awaits!


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