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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Feel like you're on a vacay during 2021 lockdown life, thanks to creative outdoor solutions like this stunning modern cabana and pool space.

This post originally appeared May 20, 2020, updated for Spring & Summer 2021.

Did we ever think that we'd be talking about a SECOND spring and summer of COVID-19 lockdown? As the name suggests, it's like, so two years ago! I'm not sure if I'm happier that it's pandemic patio season 2021 compared to lockdown life 2020, but nothing puts a spring in my step more than springtime air and creating outdoor spaces for the sunny months ahead. And of course, the idea that we will finally be able to gather closely and safely in the near future.

It's so nice to be outside with my kiddos basking in this glorious sunshine - especially after being cooped up for so long in quarantine, not to mention the return to virtual learning for my eldest daughter. Since many of you are in the process of setting up your own patios, I thought, once again, that this would be the perfect time to share this outdoor cabana design I created and hopefully give you a little inspiration for your own outdoor space. I'm going to take you through the whole process below from the before, to the design plan, installation and then the end result. Enjoy!



Pictured is the exact point where I was brought onto this project. A complete blank slate for me to play with, yes! Nothing had been selected at this point except for the wood accent wall and ceiling. I was left to my own devices to come up with a fun, modern, and functional design plan.



This cabana design plan was exactly what I proposed to my clients and they were immediately on board, which was amazing. Normally, there is a bit of tweaking and back and forth until we finalize a design but, I've worked with this couple before and as a result, they 100% trust my vision. (Big shout out to Kathleen and Anthony, you guys really are the best!)





So, a bit about the design. I kept a fairly neutral colour palette but created a lot of interest with this bold black and white rug. We added a little texture with the mohair throws (meant to add softness to each of the rattan chairs) and some textural outdoor cushions, adding a touch of green for a splash of colour. I love how the wood elements really warm things up, balancing out the concrete walls and overall modern design. Almost all of the furniture is from, if you are in the market for new patio furniture, make sure to check out their stylish and affordable outdoor selection. When I was selecting the light fixture I wanted something really unique that would look cool but also give off the ambiance of outdoor string lights. I can say first-hand it worked, as I've experienced this cabana at night and it really gives off that modern Soho/Boho vibe. Mission accomplished!

The family still continues to enjoy this outdoor space, well built and designed in a way that it will remain fresh and on-trend for a number of seasons.

Lockdown life continues to teach us the importance of creating homes we feel peaceful and happy to be inside --and outside! This modern cabana transformation allowed for the family to receive guests while still following Ontario Covid-19 rules.

So what do you think, should I change my business name to Amanda Shields Interiors AND Exteriors?

Joking aside, never underestimate the value of an interior designer to build and create the outdoor space of your dreams.


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