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I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say that business has slowed down a bit for me during this whole pandemic. I was however, fortunate enough to be brought on to this fun project a couple weeks ago. This particular client had completely renovated this teeny house in Barrie and transformed it into this gorgeous, warm, bright, modern, farmhouse, style house. They really pulled out all the stops with cathedral ceilings, open concept layout, top of the line everything and consideration to every luxurious detail you could possibly imagine.

I was brought on to this project closer to the end to put together and install a furniture and accessory design plan with the goal of selling this property. Now, this was no easy task during a pandemic. The only way for me to complete this project, all while complying with the social distance mandate, was to tackle this whole project myself. Normally, I need an assistant (or two) on a job like this, to help with heavy lifting, packing, unpacking, ect. Without the extra help, it just meant that this project was going to take me a lot longer than it normally would and be a lot harder on me physically - which it was. But it also gave me a welcomed break from quarantine and a creative outlet, away from my kids for a little bit.

So, after lots and lots of packing, unpacking, driving to and from Barrie, moving furniture, rearranging furniture, styling, steaming, fluffing and karate chopping, this was the end result. At least of the great room, I think I'll save the rest of the house for another day.....something for you to look forward to I hope. Enjoy!

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15 мая 2020 г.

Gorgeous!! So beautiful...great job :)

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