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A powder room is the perfect place to kick your home’s decor up a notch. Think of it as a hidden treasure; a secret to be discovered; something to surprise and delight. The small size of this room bodes well for the style seekers out there, for two key reasons: first, a compact space is less expensive to finish, and any bold decorating choices are a smaller commitment. Furthermore, since this room isn't outwardly exposed to the rest of the home, it becomes the perfect place to push your style boundaries beyond the norm.

To that end, here are four ways to do just that!



Moody Hues

In 2023, all eyes will be on darker, richer colour palettes that deliver a big dose of drama to small spaces like a powder room. This removed room means a bolder colour choice won't clash with the décor in adjoining spaces. With that being said, any good designer will advise against a complete change in aesthetic direction. Throughout the home and in every room, aim for some continuity. For example, when planning a bolder hue in the powder room, carry that same hue as an accent in adjacent rooms.




From flashy hues to splashy motifs, wallpapers and wall coverings have come a long way, baby! There's a style for every taste - florals and botanical, geometric patterns, abstract and organic. A wallpaper editor powder room can transport you to a different world. Depending on your comfort level or your penchant for a particular paper itself, you may choose to go all in and finish every wall, do a partial papering or create a feature wall behind the vanity.



Go for Gold

If you're looking for ways to splash up your powder room, avoid anything "standard." Gold plumbing fixtures and hardware is a trendy option that has gained popularity in recent years, but it's still widely viewed as an upgrade. With that said, gold fixtures have classic appeal, giving them serious staying power and thus, making them a good investment if you're not planning to replace them anytime soon.



See The Light!

The right light can take a bathroom from basic to breathtaking with the flip of a switch. I like to think of it as the jewelry of a room - instantly elevating and easy to change, whether you're keeping up with the trends or your aesthetic whims. Layer a ceiling fixture with focused vanity lighting, for functionality and aesthetic impact. Consider coordinating your lighting finish with your plumbing fixtures and hardware, to make them more impactful and to create visual continuity.

Don't settle for a washed-out powder room. This is one room in the home that most of your guests will visit at some point, so who not use this small space as an opportunity to make a big style statement? There's so much out there to inspire you – starting with yourself. Whatever your muse, make the space a reflection of yourself, with a style you'll truly love for many years to come.


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