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We are narrators of living spaces

At Amanda Shields Interiors, our unwavering commitment is to meticulously shape your living spaces into captivating narratives that authentically reflect your lifestyle. Going beyond aesthetics, our philosophy explores the essence of extraordinary spaces, drawing inspiration from the nuanced interactions people have with their environments, consciously considering touch, sight, and sound. We are dedicated to crafting living, breathing narratives that resonate with emotion and feel like a personalized story co-authored by you.

Amanda Shields

Creative Director, Principal Designer

With over 20 years immersing herself in the world of home decor, Amanda's journey unfolded after earning her Bachelor of Design from OCAD University. Her passion ignited while collaborating with the renowned Joseph Mimran as a product designer for his home decor line. Amanda found her heart in ceramics, textiles, and the fine arts. Today, she wears the hats of a devoted mother and dynamic entrepreneur, channeling her creativity into crafting stylish, functional homes. Amanda's distinctive ASI mission is dedicated to ensuring each project becomes a living narrative that embodies the emotion and lifestyle of you and your loved ones, creating homes that resonate with your unique story.


Our Values

Emotional Connection

We deeply value design's capacity to foster emotional connections between individuals and their living spaces, ensuring that every project tells a heartfelt, personalized story.


We commit to creating designs that radiate timeless beauty and sophistication, ensuring that each project stands as a lasting symbol of refined taste and enduring style.

Personalized Care

Our dedication lies in deeply understanding the distinct needs, preferences, and lifestyles of each client, empowering us to meticulously craft spaces that authentically reflect their personalities and desires.


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