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Like most people, I use Amazon from time to time to purchase electronic gadgets and random household items that I wouldn't know where to buy otherwise (like vacuum bags for my old school vacuum cleaner?). Let's face it, Amazon offers a whole other level of convenience; with their lightening fast shipping, super easy returns and usually, cheaper prices (I'm starting to sound like a commercial). I've recently started browsing their home decor sections and wow, is there a lot! I have to admit I came across a ton of crap that I personally would never buy, but after taking a closer look, I managed to find a few diamonds in the rough that are definitely worth swooping up. Now, I don't expect any of you to spend the time searching like I did so, here's a round up of some of my favourite finds already curated for you. I've even listed all the links below, with prices. You're welcome!



1. Ceramic Planter $21.52

6. Tufted Cushion $49.76

7. Duckbill Sconce $169.99

8. Fringe Throw $69.74

9. Concrete Vase $42.81

12. Jute Rug $83.66


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