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At Amanda Shields Interiors we look forward to revealing how we've embraced the 2024 kitchen design trends in our forthcoming projects. We're eager to give you a preview of the top ten styles and features that have significantly influenced our work, ready to be unveiled in our projects wrapping up in the early months of 2024.

Photography: Mike Chajecki



Modern Butler's Pantries

This year, ASI is embracing the modern butler's pantry, transforming it into a key element of our kitchen designs. These spaces, blending utility with elegance, will be a standout feature, offering sophisticated storage solutions.

Photography: Mike Chajecki



Hidden Doors

ASI is poised to enhance kitchen spaces with the integration of hidden doors. This trend aligns with our ethos of creating sleek, uncluttered designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.



Dark and Moody Colour Palettes

We're taking a bold step away from traditional light colours by incorporating dark and moody hues into our kitchen designs. These deeper shades will add an element of sophistication and drama to our kitchens.

Photography: Mike Chajecki

Sherwin Williams - Tricorn Black



Timeless Accents

Our kitchen projects in 2024 will feature brass rails and antiqued bronze, blending the charm of classic design with contemporary aesthetics. These details will add warmth and a timeless quality to our kitchens.

Rejuvenation, Galley Rail Rod



Soapstone-inspired Surfaces

Countertops mimicking the luxurious look of soapstone, but crafted in durable materials like quartz and porcelain, will be a key trend in our designs. This approach reflects our commitment to practical, yet aesthetically pleasing, solutions.

Cosentino, Dekton - Kelya



Marble and Quartzite-Inspired Countertops

Marble-inspired patterns in countertops have been a major trend and are set to continue, now leaning towards more matte finishes. Additionally, this year is witnessing a rise in creamy quartzite replicas within quartz and porcelain materials. These designs offer the grandeur of natural stone with the added benefits of modern engineered surfaces, making a significant statement in current kitchen trends.

Hanstone Quartz - Le Blanc



Wood Stain Cabinets: New Tones Emerge

While white oak cabinets have been a mainstay in recent years, 2024 marks a shift towards more dynamic wood tones in ASI's kitchen designs. We're embracing deeper honey oak shades, as well as rich walnut and mahogany tones. This evolution in wood stain cabinets reflects a growing desire for warmth and depth in kitchen aesthetics.



Gold Metals: Continuing the Legacy

Gold metals will maintain their role as a sophisticated accent in our kitchen designs. Their continued popularity underscores our dedication to crafting spaces that merge contemporary trends with enduring elegance.

Brushed Gold Metals

Photography: Kiely Ramos



Embracing Organic Textures

In 2024, Amanda Shields Interiors is also turning towards organic textures to bring a tactile and earthy dimension to kitchen spaces. We're particularly excited about incorporating plaster range hoods and limewash walls into our designs. These elements resonate with our commitment to creating spaces that feel grounded and connected to the natural world.

Venetian plaster hood

Photography: Mike Chajecki



Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are becoming a significant trend in 2024, celebrated for their sleek appearance and energy efficiency. They mark a shift towards environmentally conscious cooking solutions, combining advanced technology with a streamlined aesthetic.

Monogram, 36" Induction Cooktop


At ASI, we're not just following trends; we're reinterpreting them to align with our distinctive design philosophy. Our upcoming projects will reflect these trends in a way that's uniquely Amanda Shields Interiors, tailored to each client's lifestyle and taste. Let us help you bring these trends to life in a way that's uniquely yours.


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