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So you love this living room but you're thinking: "I can't afford all that!" Well, let me tell you, you don't have to be a millionaire to have a stylish, well put-together living room. All it takes is a bit of searching and you can almost always find a less expensive version of high ticket items. I'll admit, the quality of a sofa or armchair is definitely better with the higher price tag but sometimes, and especially if you have kids and you know things are going to be barfed on, peed on, and drawn on, you're not always looking for pieces that you'll keep for 10 - 15 years. Lets be realistic, sometimes it's just not in the budget, not to mention, interior styles and trends change so rapidly these days, you may not like the same things 10 years from now that you do today. So, for all of you super thrifty shoppers on a shoe string budget, I've managed to shop this entire living room look for you for under $4000! You're welcome.

1. Artwork, $149.99 Bouclair // 2. Faux Eucalyptus, $6.99 IKEA // 3. Large Ceramic Vase, $49.99 Bouclair // 4. Small Ceramic Vase, $39.99 Bouclair // 5. Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore // 6. Sofa, $1199 Article // 7. Rug, $289.99 Wayfair // 8. Coffee Table, $341.00 Amazon // 9. Throw, $56.42 Amazon // 10. Task lamp, $69.00 Structube // 11. Cushion, $45.95 Tonic Living // 12. Armchair, $599.99 Article // 13. Sea Urchin Sculpture, $109.88 Wayfair // 14. Cushion, $42.00 Urban Barn // 15. Cushion, $8.99 Amazon // 16. Cushion, $19.99 Wayfair // 17. Drapery Panels, $119.99 West Elm


If you're wondering, the living room featured here is from a property I recently staged for the real estate market. This house was designed and built by owners Reid and Jaimie Hartley from Hartley Built. It is officially on the market if you're interested!

Click the image below if you want to check out the listing....

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