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Alright, friends, we're hitting the home stretch of our Kingswood reno journey, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this bit. We’ve already cozied up the kitchen and living space, and now it's time to spill the beans on the makeover magic we worked on the foyer, dining room, and that tiny powerhouse, the powder room. And because we’re all about that ‘go big or go home’ life, we're tossing in a fabulous video walkthrough of the whole shebang as a parting gift. Let’s jump into these spaces where old-school charm dances with new-school cool, creating spots in the home that you’ll never want to leave.


The Before

Remember walking into a space that felt like it had potential but just wasn’t there yet? That was the foyer, with a staircase that didn’t sing and a powder room where you couldn’t stand up straight. The formal living room, destined to become the dining room, had an awkward fireplace and felt a tad too lonely with its single window.


The Wishlist

Our clients dreamed of spaces that weren’t just beautiful but felt like a warm hug—inviting, functional, and oozing with charm. They wanted a dining room ready for memorable gatherings, a foyer that welcomed with open arms, and a powder room with enough flair to make it a conversation starter.

The Process

We weren’t looking to reinvent the wheel—just to polish it until it shined. The foyer got a classic makeover with checkerboard tiles and a staircase that now commands attention. The once-cramped powder room? Transformed into practical pantry space to make room for a more guest-friendly version. It was all about weaving in the home's original charm with touches that speak to today’s lifestyle.


The After

Stepping inside, the foyer sets the stage with its classic checkerboard flooring and a stained glass window that catches the eye. Warm wood tones and archways create a flow that pulls you into the heart of the home.

What used to be a formal living space is now the dining room of dreams. It’s decked out with zellige tiles and oak cabinets, featuring a wet bar that’s always party-ready. The mix of warm woods and leather in the dining chairs invites guests to linger longer.

This little space packs a punch with its vintage vibe wallpaper, wall-mounted fixtures, and a herringbone floor pattern that ties it all together. It’s the kind of room that surprises and delights, proving that even the smallest spaces can make a big impact.


The Grand Finale: A Video Walkthrough

We couldn’t just tell you about the Kingswood transformation without showing you every nook and cranny we’ve fallen in love with. That’s why we created a video that captures the essence of this project—a home that beautifully balances the charm of yesteryear with the ease of modern living. This video is our love letter to a project that embodies everything Amanda Shields Interiors stands for: creating spaces that not only look beautiful but feel deeply personal and inviting. Its also available on our new Youtube channel so please give us a watch and subscribe to get early access to all our videos like this in the future.

Thanks for joining me on this design journey, where we turn houses into homes and dreams into realities. At Amanda Shields Interiors, we’re passionate about crafting spaces that are a true reflection of you, filled with love, stories, and, yes, a touch of magic.

Professional Photography by @mike_chajecki

Video Cinematography by @danmolinastudio


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