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Black is definitely having a moment right now and I'm loving it! There are a zillion different ways to insert black into your decor. Personally, I like using black as a stylish accent colour rather than an all over application and since I almost always use white as my backdrop, it acts as a nice contrast and really anchors your overall design. A long time ago I learned the classic 60-30-10 rule for decorating which says that 60% of the room should be your dominant colour, 30 % should be your secondary colour and the last 10% should be your accent colour. Now I'm not one to follow all the rules, but I do believe that If you want black to act as an accent colour in your decor, I would try to keep it somewhere under 20- 25%, otherwise, it's going to come on too strong and you won't really be able to consider it an accent anymore. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some very cool all black rooms complete with black ceiling and black trim but, that's for another post. What I'm going to show you today are my favourite ways to use black as an accent, so here goes...



Switch up your Cabinet Hardware and/or Plumbing Fixtures

This is a great way to incorporate a little bit of black into any room without going overboard. Changing out your hardware is and easy and affordable way to make a quick update. And don't be afraid to mix your metals. Once you switch over some of your hardware to black I don't want you to feel like all your metals have to be black. Just try to limit your metal finishes to no more than two per room.

Tip: Matte black looks great with brushed gold as you can see here below.

Source: Cambria Source: Becki Owens



Paint your Interior Doors

I absolutely love this idea because literally anybody can do it regardless of budget and it makes such an incredible statement. Not too mention black hides a lot of dirty, grimy little fingerprints. So, buy a can of black paint and get to it my friends. There are plenty of great tutorials on youtube to help you with your technique and choosing the right tools. A designer favorite is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams and I'd go with a satin finish.

Source: Monica Wants It Source: Cambria



Go Dark with Art

You want to choose artwork that is heavy on the black. Simple right? There are lots of options out there ranging in price from high to low. Make a serious impact with something high contrast or go moody with an all dark palette. Either way, tie it back with one or two of the other seven other options on this list and your decor is going to look so pulled together people with think you hired a designer. Tip: If your budget conscious, check out Structube's artwork selection. They have some great abstract options at the moment.

Source: Celadon Art



Change up Light Fixtures

I especially like this options in the kitchen but, changing out any light fixtures anywhere in the home is a great way to. An all white kitchen with black pendant lights is a rising trend I've been seeing out there lately. Even though there is no sign of black any where else in the design, it just seems to work for some reason and it works well. That little hit of contrast gives a much more polished look by staying away from the dreaded "matchy-matchy".

Source: Lindsey Brook Design Source: One Kindesign



Paint an Accent Wall

I get that black is not the first colour that comes to mind for many when they are choosing paint colour for their home but, I would love to help you reconsider. Just as white is a designer favourite, and literally goes with anything, I'd like you to consider black as the new neutral and try it out an an accent wall. It's moody, dramatic, cozy and can really anchor a room in the best way possible. It works best if the rest of the room is white and your keep your furniture on the lighter side too.

Source: CB2 Source: Lindsey Brook Design


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